PDTASA - Professional Driver Trainers Association of South Australia

All Members of the Professional Driver Trainers Association SA Inc. Will:

  • Treat customers with politeness, courtesy, helpfulness and honesty.
  • Observe and promote truth in advertising.
  • Deal promptly and courteously with any complaints from clients and members of the public, and respond promptly to complaints directed from the board.
  • Keep their vehicle as clean as possible when used for driver training.
  • Ensure the vehicle and all equipment used for driver training is maintained in a safe and legal condition.
  • Not engage in dishonest or dishonourable conduct in relation to driver training or his or her general driving.
  • At all times comply with board policies directed at promoting service to the public.
  • Ensure that he or she does not have any concentration of alcohol or drugs in his or her blood whilst engaged in driver training.
  • Drive at all times safely and defensively in the interest of public safety.
  • Be dressed in a safe and sensible manner when dealing with customers, that will advance the image of the driver training industry.
  • Not engage in any sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour towards customers at anytime

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